Year Four Sports’ Day

Watch our video to see us enjoying our sports’ day at DCC!
Well done!

Money Week

This week is money week and in Year Four we have been learning about money in maths and PSHE. In groups, we did lots of fun challenges involving money which helped us learn about spending, saving and budgeting money. We also discussed and shared how money can make people feel good but also bad. Have a look at what we got up to!


An amazing day for Year Four!

Year Four were lucky enough to meet Banna of the Brigantes, a veteran soldier of Rome returning home after his 25 years in the legions. Banna came to talk about life in the Roman army and what the daily life was like for the Celts as part of our Romans and Celts topic. We had an amazing day! We made an authentic Celtic roundhouse, marched and acted like Roman soldiers, learnt attack formations, used a catapult, learnt about making food, watched Bamna make fire with flint, dressed up as Roman soldiers, made an aqueduct and learnt lots and lots of historical information. Just ask us what we know now! What a fantastic day!

Tremendous T-shirts

This week we have spent the week finding out all about a fantastic, magical t-shirt machine made by Stan Morris. It makes the most magical shirts you could imagine, including a musical shirt which plays trumpets and a fanfare when you enter the room. Or even an edible t-shirt or a flying t-shirt! Watch the clip below to find out more!

We have been working on explanation texts in class and have been describing how the shirt machine works.

Using our imaginations, we then got into teams to design our own t-shirt. In our teams we had to think about the design, the features, who it was for and how it is made. We then had to plan a dragon’s den style pitch in order to sell our t-shirts!

We have been incredibly lucky in the fact that Mrs Solomon knows a very talented t-shirt designer from New Zealand. We are hoping she can look at some of our designs and let us know what she thinks!

Look at our pictures below to see us delivering our Dragon’s Den sales pitches and look at our amazing t-shirts, from time travelling t-shirts to Olympic sports t-shirts. imageimageimageimageimageimage

Explain this…

Can you write explanations for the questions below? Make sure you use causal connectives!

Science Week: dissolving

Today in science we learnt about how some solids are soluble and can dissolve in water and how some solids are insoluble and do not dissolve in water.

First, we made predictions about which solids would dissolve, we had to explain our thoughts.


Then we experimented. We found that sand and flour were insoluble. However, sugar, coffee and salt were all soluble.


Science Week: Solids, liquids and gases

This week we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. Today we learnt about what the molecules are like within solids, liquids and gases.

In solids the molecules are tightly packed together and their only movement is very little vibrations. This means without pressure being applied solids maintain there shape.

In liquids the molecules are less tightly packed, allowing more movement. This is why liquids take the shape of the container they are in.

In gases the molecules move around and spread out, they fill up all the space available.

We had lots of fun learning about solids, liquids and gases. Please watch our animoto to see what we got up to!

Solids, liquids and gases


Architecture Homework

We have been learning all about different types of architecture and buildings for our arts award. Our homework was to create our own mood boards. Have a look at our fantastic homeworks.



This half term we have looked at how to look after your teeth. We have finished by looking at the effects of different drinks and liquids on our teeth.

Firstly, we made predictions of what drinks would be the best and worst and ordered them.

Next we set up our experiments and left them for a few days. We used hard boiled eggs to act as our teeth.

We found that vinegar and coke were the worst liquids as they damaged the eggs and their shells the most.